Asus ROG Centurion 7.1 headset review. When you can manage the Asus ROG Centurion’s fat and ostentatious design, the headset offers superb sound clarity and game-beating sound-manipulating features.

A huge, boisterous and booming 7.1 headset

Our Verdict

When you can manage the Asus ROG Centurion’s fat and ostentatious design, the headset offers superb sound clarity and game-beating sound-manipulating features.

Does your love for Computer gaming express it self having a rig that is led-filled multiple view-filling displays and a racing chair that couldn’t keep an eye out of devote a starship cockpit? Then you’ll get gaga for Asus’s new ROG Centurion 7.1 video video video gaming headset.

From its discrete, 10-driver 7.1 surround noise to its sci-fi design, it tosses every thing together with kitchen sink at demanding PC gamers – perhaps at the cost of convenience and good flavor, but definitely to your advantageous asset of its sound quality.

The Asus ROG Centurion ain’t that is sure, nonetheless it certain seems good. The headset shall price £219.99, and that can be bought from Overclockers. US and Australian rates is become verified, but direct money transformation places the Centurion at around $270, or AU$360.


Ever desired to seem like a Tie Fighter pilot playing Star Wars Battlefront? The Asus ROG Centurion may have you covered. A gargantuan headset that is black orange and chrome accents, it is one of many biggest headsets we’ve ever played with.

That includes both its positives and negatives. The standard, giant leather-based cups (and that can be exchanged with in-the-box fabric ones if you like) completely encompass the ear, doing a fantastic job of passively maintaining outside sound out, whilst the big retractable microphone growth can be easily grabbed and pulled into action, flexing where required. There’s an amount that is decent of when you look at the cups too – even with long sessions using them, your ears will always be fairly cool.

Nonetheless, these are generally unavoidably cumbersome. Due to their very own pulsing lights, you’ll surely be noticeable at the next tournament, however their size scarcely makes them portable – as evidenced by the included stand that accompanies the package. The ROG Centurion is unquestionably designed to simply simply just take pride of put on your travel and desk nowhere else. They’re perhaps perhaps not heavy adequate to be painful (liberal cushioning on the headband does its task well), but a lighter fat would cause them to more content, and better suitable for anybody with out a mind the dimensions of a melon.

The-in-your-face design language continues up to the Centurion’s amp, a stout hexagonal prism about the dimensions of a hockey puck. It’s loaded with buttons to manage 7.1 channel amounts, master amount, speaker passthrough, mic muting while the Centurion’s myriad in-game sound pages, and it has sufficient indicator lights it self to begin a unique airport runway.

Amp and setup

Unlike a few of its competition, the Asus ROG Centurion is just a solely wired event, meaning you’re tethered to your personal computer the entire time while putting on it. It is doubly inflexible, however, because of the connection it utilizes. From the end of its fixed, thick braided cable sits a HDMI slot to connect in to the amp, in place of a more common USB connector, not to swoop mention a headphone jack.

This basically ensures that the headset can only just be properly used in conjunction with the Centurion’s amp. That cable can get in the also means a little, being too rigid to comfortably drape down your throat and onto your neck.

The imposing nature regarding the kit doesn’t stop here – the amp needs a two-way, Y-splitter USB cable experience of your personal computer, meaning need that is you’ll extra USB ports to power the Centurion.

Dual-USB requirements can be justified nevertheless by simply simply how much this amp that is little doing. It’s not only driving your 7.1 channel experience, it is additionally making it possible for surround sound presenter passthrough, because of another HDMI connection cable, which splits off into the matching speaker that is colored jacks.

In addition, the amp is when you’ll control all the ROG Centurion’s sound profiles and channel volumes. The very best dial that is central as an energy and amount controller, while additionally letting you scroll between pages. A second, smaller wheel in the front side enables you to select between specific stations to tweak.

Along side four real buttons for switching between 7.1 and stereo, activating the volume-boosting amp function, switching in the mic and leaping involving the headset and stereo passthrough choice, there’s too much to consume. But, when you’ve got a grasp of the many settings, the amp’s dials provide you with control that is unprecedented nearly every facet of its audio performance.

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